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July 31st, 1998
More than blanks
Entertainment Weekly, July 31st 1998
by Tom Sinclair

Singer Axl Rose, the sole remaining original gunner, has at last put together a semi-stable lineup for the long-dormant group, which now includes former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson, Vandals drummer Josh Freese, and ex-Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck. A source close to Rose says the new material the quartet is working up is indeed "techno influenced"-hard as that may be to believe with die-hard punkers Stinson and Freese on board-but still "sounds like Guns N' Roses." No word yet on when we can actually expect a new GN'R album, but, says the source, Axl and the boys (who are currently rehearsing in Woodland Hills, Calif.) will be entering the studio to begin laying down tracks "imminently."

Typed and sent in by Michael Duane Ford


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