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March 28th, 2009
Chris Pitman interview

Interview by Ayako

Hello, Chris. Thank you so much for accepting this interview. I really appreciated to you.
Well, first, congratulations on success of SexTapes's first live show 4th Feb at Keyclub in LA! How do you feel about that now?

Chris: It was a very monumental show for us, our first real gig together, and it seemed like a dream sequence to me, where I'm watching it happen but I'm not really there,
All of us were extremely happy with how well it translated to a live audience, and how easy it was to perform. It was one of those show memories that I will always treasure.

How did you guys decide setlist on your show? I was so surprised that the band played "Worklords" for the first song, because it's last song on the album. I've never seen something like that before.

Chris: It did take some work to figure out how to perform this record one song after another, and as a singer, some of those songs leave me breathless! It was easier to record, but much harder to perform, so it is more about pacing the show. We found that it was more interesting to start with 'Worklords', because of its odd intro of vocals only.

You really looked like a different person on stage from usual. are you trying to play some character, intentionally? or did something make you look like that?

Chris: (laughs) I guess you could say that it is those characters that are in the lyrics, that have come to the show. And yes I do surrender to those characters to see how they express themselves in the situation.
It is more about seeing the reaction that happens instead of having planned stage moves or Rock band postures, thats for sure.

All the lyrics are about life experiences. 'Paranoid Freak' was from a time where I couldn't leave my house without peeping out my windows to make sure I could get to my car without any human contact,
I was convinced someone was out to get me. I think a lot of people can relate to that, especially by all the messages I received from people thinking the song was written about them!

'Crawlspace' is a story about a guy who keeps his ex-girlfriends buried under his house, and he occasionally goes down and digs one up, and dresses them with oiled rags, and re-lives the past with her. You know, a metaphor for buried memories that we entertain from time to time.

'Worklords' is about working in factories with bosses who leer at you, making sure you punch the time clock right on time, and really they couldn't care less if your were alive or dead, your just a slave to the empire.

I read the magazine WeRockMagazine (unfortunately only in Japan), after painful experience in past, you couldn't write the song without true experience, you said. What are you writing for SexTapes's next album, or up coming your new project with Danny or GNR?

Chris: Actually I have to bounce around and do different things simultaneously, I feel real lucky to be in a place where I can write with some amazing musicians, and being able to jump between these bands keeps it vital and very interesting, to say the least.

In SexTapes, Lusk, Replicants...you are playing a part in lead Vocal. What is "singing " for you? Singing brings you something special?

Chris: Singing is the ultimate expressive instrument for me. There is nothing more fun or as rewarding when doing a good vocal part, and i don't really consider myself a very good singer, but it is fun to do.

You sing the Bewlay Brother (David Bowie cover song) in Replicants, it's so awesome! How did you choose that song?

Chris: There are so many great Bowie songs, and I'm not sure why we chose that one to do, but it turned out really cool. Later on, I was very honored to know that Bowie did hear our version of the song and liked it!

A friend of mine worked with him back then and told me the story, and that really freaked me out!

Free Mars of Lusk, it is so beautiful, pure, attractive. Of course, this is the album was nominated for Grammy awards. My favorite are "Backworlds","Free Mars", "Docter",Mindray"..etc.
Could you tell me your passion for these songs? What dose it mean MINDRAY...?
This is the most beautiful song, ever!

Chris: Oh thanks! Yes, the Lusk record really was a magical experience, and the final product, to this day, still conveys a heavy vibe and mystery, that seems rare in todays recordings. We kept the spirit of it very loose and experimental.

Almost everything recorded was the first take, we left all the mistakes, warblings, tunings, in there so is had that sense of being spontaneous. We didn't care to make perfect recordings , more than we were interested in capturing the spirit and vibe of the room and musicians.

It was recorded to tape and no computers touched the music. And as we have evolved with technology and modern records, the engineer and the computer are now actually more important in 'creating the artist' than the 'Artist' is really. and thats a shame, cause its real easy and convenient to do.

Who are some of your biggest musical influence? this question is from my friend Junko.

Chris: I always loved the British singers when i was young, Ii mean there were so many great ones, Lennon, McCartney, Freddy Mercury, Jagger, Pink Floyd, Zep, Sweet, Eno, jeez the list just goes on and on. Funny though not that many American singers.

How come some people call you "Mother Goose"?

Chris: That was a nickname I acquired sometime when Buckethead was in GNR, all his friends had great nicknames, and that name came up for me. I seldom hear it anymore, or I only hear it when I'm around people associated with that era and it always makes me laugh and remember some good times.

Let me ask you about GNR a little. We used to hear the rumor that Chinese Democracy would release three records before release. After all, Chinese Deocracy was released as one record, as everybody knows. Did you have any favorite song that's not included on Chinese Democracy? This question is from my friend Pooh.

Chris: Yes, we did have a large collection of songs recorded through the years, and many I don't even remember now!

But to think of a favorite song right now as we speak, I would have to say its one called 'Beta's Barn'

How did you spend the time during stay in that guys' belly? haha! Then I could not stop laughing You should check Chris's photo at Myspace page. he used to be eaten by that guy in new guinea.
you can see that guy who ate Chris!! http://www.myspace.com/ChrisPitman

Chris: Someone had sent me that picture, and like you, I couldn't stop laughing, so I had to make up a good story that was inspired by this Hero.

Did you update the record about bowling?recently? hehe! Could you tell us best score,no!!how many games you do!lol

Chris: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pro bowler, and I got really good and was crushing them in the Junior leagues, but by the time I was a teenager, the nerve damage in my bowling thumb ended that little dream. So yeah, my highest league game was a 298.

I occasionally bowl with peeps like Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy), Erik Statik (Collide), and those dudes can roll man! Their really good.

Thanks you so much for taking your precious time with us, Chris. This is the last question: Could you tell us your recent news about SexTapes and GNR?

Chris: Sextapes has some new songs about to be recorded, and GNR has just added DJ Ashba as a guitarist, and he's great to have around, and I think the fans will really dig our new vibe!

And also give us your lovely comment(haha!) to Japanese fans, also so many fans of yours in the all over the world?

Chris: I have so many great memories of touring in Japan, playing at 'The Budokan', at the Baseball Stadiums, festivals, and meeting so many great people there, I'm really looking forward to coming back and building some more meaningful relationships there.


Special thanks to Ayako for this interview.


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