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February, 1996
It's All In The Wrist Action...
Metal Hammer February 1996
We got a top graphologist (that's someone who analyses people's character from their handwriting) to check out the following people to see if there was something interesting we could decipher about 'em from their writing style. As you will see, our expert's analysis is broken down into three categories. Let's find out who the nutter is, then...

[this is only the Slash part of the article]

Slash writing

SLASH (GUNS N' ROSES guitarist)

The writer tends to take issues at face value, attempting simplicity in thought, with no 'alternative agenda' in communication with others.

The writer is highly idealistic and artistic. Much of the motivation from which the writer operates is concerned with the satisfaction of completing a job successfully and to a high standard. The material rewards appear to be of a lesser importance, and it is suggested that the writer has an opinion of money which suggests it is strictly a necessary evil. The writer is likely to be generous with money, particularly towards those less fortunate.

The writer appears to have a relatively low 'goal orientated' outlook in terms of money, and considers working at something which is enjoyed to be of considerable benefit.

Having much energy, the writer can be emotionally intense. and it likely to 'pick up' tension from others in a working environment. Under normal circumstance, this is released through physical activity.

The writer is likely to be self-confident in a social situation, trusting perhaps in the philosophy that 'nothing except a fulfilling life is important'. The writer avoids criticism of a viewpoint which is itself simplistic and relatively unchallengeable.

The script suggests a writer who is friendly and kind to others, and has a degree of vanity. It may suggest that clothes are particularly important to this person.

The writer has a great need of the company of other people, and considers relationships to be important. It is possible that the writer finds much expression in physical activity, but is unlikely to be a keen sportsperson.


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