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November, 1993
Guns N' Roses
Okej November? 1993
by Anders Tegnér

When it comes to controversial exploitions you could say that Guns N' Roses was for the eighties what the Sex Pistols was for the seventies. Rebels from different eras, but with very much in common.

We can have a look at some resemblances. Both Sex Pistols and Guns tore up feelings around taboo areas like heroin addiction, oaths in TV, turbulent relationships and outspoken, although incorrect political statements.

Duff McKagan underlines the resemblances by wearing a dog chain with a lock around his neck. Didn't Sid Vicious, the bass player of Sex Pistols, wear one like that too? There are differences too. GN'R doesn't keep it a secret that they are influenced by bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and even Elton John. Just the crowd the Sex Pistols rebelled against. Sex Pistols never sold any major editions and wasn't played often on the radio, at least in the US. Guns N' Roses sell millions and millions of albums, and are played constantly on radio around the world. Sex Pistols never came further then the small clubs. Guns are already arena veterans! But "The Spaghetti Incident?" weaves the souls of the two bands together.

It shows clearly how a little rattling band from London has affected an entire generation. Guns N' Roses probably think it's great that millions of fans has made them to the greatest rock phenomena of our time, but I also think that they didn't dream of becoming what they once fought against. An industrial money machine, a part of the establishment.

- It would be cool if our fans discovered the bands that meant so much to us, says Slash. That's why we wrote "A great song can be found anywhere. Do yourself a favour and go find the originals" in the booklet. It was written so damn much good songs when we grew up. Most of the records are hard to find and several of the musicians are dead, almost everyone are broke. It didn't go well for our heroes.

- I met Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols at Matt's wedding. He asked when the record came out and if our version of Black Leather sounded better then the "cover" the Runaways did. Absolutely, I said, it sounds better then your version too...

The songs for the record was picked by the boys themselves. Slash had his favourites ready:

- I wanted to do Nazareth's "Hair of the dog", T-Rex "Buick Makane", and Fears "I don't care about you". Those are songs that meant much to me. Axl always hums on the Skyliners' "Since I don't have you", and he loves "Black leather" so those were his choices.

Duff picked "Down on the farm" by the UK Subs, and we all wanted to a song by the New York Dolls. It became "Human Being".

- I don't even play on "Look at your game girl", it's a guy named Carlos...

The Charles Manson song caused a outcry in the press, and Axl had to make an official excuse.

- It was exactly what we wanted to avoid, says Slash. That's the reason why we didn't wrote neither the name of the song or Manson's name. We didn't want to be elated with him. But things never turn out the way you want...

- The recordings of the songs were spontaneous and unpainted.

- I love recording like this, means Slash. During Appetite..., Lies and Use Your... I had to put up with Izzy the whole time. I never liked playing with him. It was wonderful to escape him on this record. It sounds tighter and so much cooler than anything we've done before. I always got irritated over Izzy's way of playing. It didn't sound right. Before "Spaghetti", we erased his guitar and Gilby put on a new one. It sounded perfect!

- But it's wrong to call this a punk record, he means. Call it rock instead, cause that's what it is... only rock n' roll.

Translated and sent in by: Andreas


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